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6 Months Filter Life Water Filter Jug

This is a water filter jug with a 6-month filter life, providing users with a convenient and affordable drinking water solution.

The function of our water filter jug

Purify water quality

easy to carry

Environmental friendly

Economical and affordable

water filter jug

Wooden Handle
Water Filter Jug

This water filter jug with a wooden handle is the perfect combination of style and functionality, making it a great accessory for the kitchen or office.

Anti-Slip Base Design Water Filter Jug

This is a water filter jug with anti-slip base design, which brings you fresh water while ensuring stability and safety during use.

How does it work?


Six months long life filter element

Equipped with a carefully designed long-life filter element to effectively filter impurities and harmful substances in the water.


High efficiency filtration

Using advanced filtration technology, it effectively removes odors and other harmful substances from the water and provides pure drinking water.


Smart reminder function

Monitor the usage of the filter element and intelligently remind you when to replace the filter element.


67.62-118.34oz capacity design

Water tanks with different capacities are designed, eliminating the need to add water frequently.

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